When the news about this devastating pandemic started to sink in to people all over the world, we were afraid that the catering-business would show a straight line and a non-stop beep for months. However, instead of fearing the worst, CaterMate decided to act. We participated in the 48-hour online hackathon What The Quack? to put our wise heads together to come up with a solution to both save the catering-businesses from going completely out of business and create jobs for our employees, who would otherwise have been unemployed.


So, we came up with a solution! We at LunchMate want to give our customers the option of wholesome food at a standardized price with no extra delivery costs, while the wheels at the catering-businesses can keep running and our employees get a chance to work safely. This way, everybody wins.

What do we all currently have in common? Correct, we spend most of our days at home, surrounded by four walls. We want to stay healthy and eat well, but now that we all are at home we suddenly face a completely different routine - that workday lunch that was quick and easy now became a daily chore. We decided to help you out by building a new network of healthy and delicious lunches delivered right to your doorstep. Feel free to have a look around. We offer premade subscription-based meals coming from different restaurants each week.

In a global crisis, everyone suffers. One segment, in particular, is the wonderful people who used to prepare unforgettable meals for events. We want to do everything we can to support these businesses by giving them a new customer segment, and thus letting everyone discover hidden gems they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. To put it short, you get a new culinary experience each week while supporting local businesses. Great, right? The best part - no hidden delivery fees.

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LunchMate delivers new lunch experiences weekly right to your doorstep. Support a different local business each week while discovering new delicacies.

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